Posted on: 18 June, 2020

Author: Emily Watson

This article lists important features that an Ebook should have and enlightens publishers on the effective use of these modern features to optimize sales. According to a report published by Statista, the Ebook market currently stands at $15,740 million and it is projected to grow at a rate of 4.2 percent annually in the year 2020-2024 to assume a market share of $18,533 million by 2024. We can attribute this radical growth to the use of diverse interactive features that modern Ebooks come equipped with and the level of interactions and engagement they generate. Needless to mention, traditional print media are no match to the modern Ebooks. Publishers have started using sophisticated technologies to create interactive and innovative Ebook features that would allow them to deliver pleasant experiences to the target audience.  In this article, we have discussed about 7 most important features that beautify Ebooks and make them more appealing to readers.  Books are judged by their covers. This is a plain, simple truth that publishers and self-published authors should take into account. Research indicates that a user takes not more than 50 milliseconds to develop a perception about your book in his/her subconscious mind based on its visual appearance. So if you are a publisher, you should ideally take less than 50 milliseconds to understand if the cover page design is relevant to the content and if it can grab the attention of the readers at first glance. The first impression creates the last impression and so you should make sure that you create a big impact in the first instance. Secondly, the title of the Ebook gives it its identity. So the title should be notable and people should be able to remember it easily. Choose titles that suggest actions and convey the meaning of your content with better clarity. You may also use numbers in the title. Numbers invite more attention compared to generalized titles. For example, “5 tips to streamline your supply chain operations” is more definite and attractive than “How to streamline your supply chain operations”. If you do not have in-house staff to design the cover page, you may consider hiring a professional company for book cover design to handle this task on your behalf.  Did you know that the authenticity of content can drive engagement and revenues in turn? You are more likely to keep your readers enthusiastic about your content if you provide content that is meaningful to them. Your content should be able to generate a feel of trust among your readers. You should base your content on extensive research and should support your claims with relevant stats and data. Make sure that you deliver content in reflowable formats; your readers should be allowed the liberty to access your content from any device. You will definitely not want to offend your readers due to readability issues that may result from your readers’ inability to adjust their reading styles on different devices and screens. When you add interactive elements, you would promote higher levels of user engagement. Use of interactive elements generates educational value and ensures the delivery of unique content experiences. Content that comes equipped with diverse multimedia features is more likely to stay in the readers’ minds for a long term. Your Ebook’s description should narrate why your content is important how it will impact the readers. The description should properly highlight why your readers should invest their time and money in your content. An appropriate description would generate interest among your readers and would boost sales. Your description should ideally bring forth the main ideas and the boldest claims that you are making. The description should highlight the current situation of your readers and let them know that you have a solution for their problem.  With DRM, you will be protecting yourself from revenue loss. When an Ebook gets shared, a publisher suffers from revenue loss because most people prefer sharing over buying. When you protect your content with DRM, you safeguard your work from piracy and loss of revenue. By having your work protected by DRM, you would ensure that your intellectual property brings you the profits that you deserve.  You may consider using embedded links throughout your content to engage your readers at a broader level. This way, you can allow your readers to get access to comprehensive content and to let your readers know about your products and services. When you use external links in your content, you can show to your readers that your content is based on extensive research and hence, it is reliable. Secondly, through a strategic link building approach, you can get traffic from other websites and get indexed in the search engine results. The EPub format is developed by International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) and its latest version is ePUB3, which is supported by CSS3 and HTML5 technologies. With this format, you would be able to connect your content with internal as well as external references. You can add life to your content using gamification and simulation effects. So if your Ebook is in PDF format, you may consider getting it converted into the Epub format. Make sure that you identify the most reliable Ebook conversion services and select the best service provider based on your requirement and budget.  Your Ebook should deliver excellent reading experiences to your readers. Consider putting across a detailed skeleton of your book to let your readers choose the sections that they would consider reading first. The structure does not allow readers to navigate easily through the content, but also saves their time. It is not a good idea to let your readers have a tough time to find information that they are looking for. This may actually make readers feel frustrated and forego the idea of buying your book.  Your Ebook will stand out from the crowd if you focus on details. There are certain Ebook features that are distinctive and can generate pleasant reading experiences.  Make sure that you get the following features added to your Ebook: By equipping your Ebook with reader-friendly features, you can easily register high sales revenues. You have to make an effective use of Ebook features to create a strong impact in the digital world. Your Ebook should justify your readers’ investment ion time, money, and energy. With your digital book, you have adequate liberty to generate immersive reader experiences. You should therefore utilize all opportunities to make your Ebook as engaging as possible. 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