Posted on: 21 November, 2006

Author: Careece Chichester

What is an eBook compiler? You've written and revised your ebook, hired an artistwho has produced outstanding graphics, and now you'reready to actually put together your ebook. What youneed to make an ebook is software called an ebookCompiler. There are many different compilers to chose from, butfirst, you need to know exactly what an ebook Compilerdoes. Here is the simple explanation: An ebook compiler is a software program that convertseither text pages or HTML text into a singleexecutable file or an ebook. If you or someone you hired has created a file withgraphics in HTML, you will need an HTML ebookCompiler. This type of compiler requires a workingknowledge of the HTML tag language. You can also usesoftware to do this for you, such as MicrosoftFrontPage or Macromedia Dreamweaver. How do you choose an eBook Compiler? There are a large number of ebook Compilers availableon the market, all with glowing sales copy and tekkielanguage. It can get very confusing and overwhelmingvery fast without some simple guidelines to help youfigure out which compiler is right for you. Choosing an ebook Compiler depends on a number offactors: 1. How did you create your pages? Did you use HTML orPDF format? There are many more compilers availablefor HTML, but you can find some very good compilersthat will covert your PDF files into an ebook. 2. Consider how easy the program is to use and thethoroughness of the software's instruction manual. Itis absolutely necessary that the compiler you buy havean instructional manual, documentation, or online"wizards." If it doesn't, your chances of figuring outhow to correctly use the program are compromised, andthe time required doing so is going to be significant.Many manufacturers of compilers offer a free trialversion so you can play around with it and see if itsuits your needs. Download the trial version andascertain that it actually does what it claims to do. 3. Security features. If you plan to sell your ebook,check out the security features of the compilersoftware carefully. Security features should include:prevention of the reader from modifying text, accessonly to the pages you assign or by entering apassword, different ways of generating passwords suchas secure passwords, user-friendly, and openpasswords. 4. Supported scripting. Find out what scripts thesoftware supports. Scripting allows you to createspecial effects, customize menus, and create andmodify other user interactivity. Choose a compilerthat permits you to include graphics, search windows,hyperlinks, forms, surveys, etc. 5. Pricing. This is a factor that is not always easyto gauge. The highest priced compilers are notautomatically your best choice. Choose your compilerbased on the necessary requirements for your Ebook.That means you need to know exactly how you plan touse your Ebook and what functions you require. Let's look at some of these factors in more detail.First of all, make sure you have the correct browserto run the compiler. The majority of HTML compilersuse Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape. Check outthe version that the compiler supports. Compilers thatrequire a browser will not run on a computer that doesnot have the required browser installed. However,there are ebook HTML compilers that don't require youto have any browser installed on your computer. Thesecompilers run on any Windows system. If you choose a compiler that requires a browser,check to ascertain that the browser is installedcorrectly and that it is properly configured to thespecifications of the compiler. Check to see ifcertain functions are turned off or on, and make anyadjustments according to the compiler instructions. Security is an essential element of any compiler,regardless of whether you plan to sell or give awayyour ebook. One of the main reasons for using acompiler is to prevent the reader from modifying thecontents. A secure compiler allows access only to thepages you want the user to access unless they enter acorrect password. To find out how secure an ebook HTML compiler is, openan ebook on it. While it is open, check the temporarydirectory of your computer. This can usually beaccessed by typing in C:Windowstemp. If you see abunch of files when your ebook is open or running, itmeans that your computer is decompressing the securedata from your ebook before showing the ebook to theviewer. This method is not secure! It means thatanyone with the knowledge of how to access thesetemporary files can steal the secure data and thenthey can fiddle with your ebook to their evil heart'sdesire. Remember, one of the main purposes of buyingand using an HTML compiler is to protect yourproperty. Next, let's discuss passwords. When trying to choosean ebook Compiler, check out the type of passwordsthat the compiler supports. Almost all compilers offersome kind of password protection that insures that theuser can only access the contents they have purchasedfrom you. However, the best compilers offer variedways to generate different types of passwords. Choosea compiler that gives you the options of secure,user-friendly, and open password generation. Another important factor when it comes to passwords ishow the compiler generates them. A compiler that hasinternal password protection generation built into thesoftware is more secure than compilers that link tolive Internet password control systems. Find out if the compiler generates passwords online.If it has this option, it allows you to choose anypayment processing system you want or to do thepayment processing yourself. Next, look into the size of ebook the compilersupports. The best compilers can create ebooks up to 2GB in size without decompressing the HTML pages orimages to your hard disk. Usually, ebooks that are 2GB in size can easily support 6 GB of compressed data.The catch here is that only text files will generallybe compressible. You do not want a compiler that decompresses thisamount of data when the user attempts to open yourebook. This would mean that anyone who purchases yourebook will have to wait for all the data to decompressbefore they can access your ebook right afterdownloading it. So look for compilers that onlydecompress temporarily files that are NOT HTML to thelocal hardisk. Non-HTML files include Flash, Word, andAcrobat files. This type of compiler is more secureand certainly faster. Make sure the compiler you choose is compatible withyour system software. Check out what version ofWindows it requires, and make sure you have thatversion before buying your compiler. Support issues are extremely important. Choose acompiler that includes an installation program. Thisprogram allows your user to choose a number ofdifferent places on their computer to install theebook, to place a shortcut on their desktop, and toadd the ebook, if they choose, to the Start Programsmenu. You also want excellent and accessible vendor support.Make sure you can access quick technical support! Atthree o'clock in the morning, this factor will be VERYimportant. Also, check to see the terms of freetechnical support offered. Unlimited technical supportis obviously the best option. Check to see if the company that puts out the compilersoftware offers a service level agreement. Thisagreement is to assure you of their quality responseto your questions or problems. A good thing to consider is how long the compiler hasbeen on the market. Usually, the version number willgive you an idea. The longer the program is on themarket, the higher the version number, the more bugshave been worked out. When choosing an ebook compiler, do not be swayed byincredible promises and dazzling sales copy. Do yourhomework first, and then consider all the above issuesand factors before choosing an ebook compiler. Article Tags: Ebook Compiler, Security Features, Make Sure Source: Free Articles from Predator Marketing System | Internet Home Based Business Opportunity - The Predator Marketing System is a state-of-the-art, fully automated income producing home business opportunity and internet marketing training system.