Posted on: 04 February, 2020

Author: Jack Max

Every student can agree when we say that you only feel sleepy when you are trying to focus on your studies. Surprisingly, you are wide awake while watching TV or playing games and even at bedtime you have to force yourself to sleep. However, while studying, it is when the sleepiness state hits you the most.   During the exam days, sleep becomes the toughest hurdle in your way to success. When you have to pull an all-nighter, all of your time is wasted in running the drowsiness away. According to research, 70% of the students feel drowsy due to insufficient sleep and 50% report feeling sleepy in the daytime. This eventually leads to bad grades and poor overall performance. For this, we have some experimented tips which will help you ditch sleep and keep your focus stiff. At times, the intensity of light in your room is so low that you automatically start to feel drowsy. Make sure that your study room is well lit and does not give a comfy vibe that makes you crawl into bed and have a good sleep. One of the biggest mistakes a student make is to use their bed for studying purpose. It is only for sleeping or relaxing your body when you are tired. Set up a proper table and chair because your position matters a lot when you have to sit for long hours to prepare your test. Try to move your hands or legs at regular intervals to ensure that your body is up and active. Without you knowing, your body becomes lazy when you have your stomach full. According to science, when you have heavy food, your body relaxes and in return you become lazy. Hence, it is advised to avoid heavy food before the day you have your next big exam. Water does not only help you in being fit and active but also keeps you alert. This trick is proved to be the most successful one among the students as constant drinking causes you to make trips to the restroom. Due to this your mind and body never sleep. Every student should lead a disciplined life. If you want to achieve your goals you will have to set some proper principles you should live by. The topmost rule is to sleep early and rise early. This will not only help you in maintaining your focus while you are studying but also give a proper meaning to your life.   After your college hours are over, give rest to your body. Take a nap or do something else that refreshes your mind and gives strength to your being. Maybe a short nap or arcade games can help you get rid of drowsiness. Very few people know the benefits of exercising daily. It keeps your body active and alert. While sitting in the same position for hours can make you lose interest in your studies. Between breaks, flex your muscles and do some short exercises. You may walk around your room if you are memorizing something or lay down for a while before you continue with the next chapter. Mumbling yourself to learn something is not beneficial for you when you are studying alone. Make a habit to read lines to yourself as a teacher does to their students. It lessens the chances of you falling asleep and improves your learning power. If you keep reading, at one time your body starts to act like a robot. As it is sitting in a motionless state and reading things. You should try to develop the habit to write as you learn new things. This will not only keep your mind working but also increases your memory. Avoid learning new topics at night that you find difficult to understand. As a human body is naturally in a relaxing mode at night time. All in all, if you sacrifice your sleep to prepare yourself for the exam the next day, we can help you with your essay. We provide Essay Writing Help for shining students like you at discounted prices. Ping us to know more.   Source: Free Articles from Jack Max is an Expert Essay Writer at a professional academic company.