Posted on: 18 June, 2020

Author: Leon William

This article discusses the top  9 reasons why publishers should start switching to digital libraries and how it plays a critical role in the publishing domain. With the increasing number of tech-savvy technology, every industry or service provider is looking to digitize its services for coping up with the community needs. Publishing is another such domain that has entered into the world of digitization for providing better facilities to its readers. Many educational institutions and corporate organizations are now opting for eBooks to provide effective learning and training to the users. It is mostly because eBooks are equipped with a variety of features and offer a lot of benefits, which is impossible to achieve with the help of the traditional ones. It has been quite some time since digital publishing has been widely preferred over the printed versions. It is the result of an age-old debate concerning which one is the best. Despite the growing popularity of the former, there are and will always be some people who will support the latter. It is mainly because of the authenticity and unparalleled feeling that can be achieved by holding an actual book. However, it is also hard to deny that it offers a whole lot of advantages than that of the physical books, where the primary one being the less use of papers.       What are eBooks? eBooks are digital versions of the traditional books that are specifically designed to be read on a smartphone, PC, tablet, or an eReading device. It is exactly like that of the printed versions, however, it is more functional and far better when it comes to purchasing. There are various types of eBooks such as interactive eBooks, fixed layout eBooks, reflowable eBooks, etc. With eBooks, you do not have to leave the comfort of your home and worry about going to a bookstore and stand in the line to buy it. There is also a possibility that the book you wish to purchase might not be available in the store and you will have to wait for days or even weeks for buying it. But in the case of eBooks, all you need to have is a reading device and a good internet connection. It will take only a few minutes to download, and you can start reading it at any time. You can also get it printed if you want.   What are eBook libraries? eBook libraries allow access to thousands of eBooks that are available in a wide range of subject fields or domains. With it, organizing eBooks are far more convenient than old-fashioned physical libraries where you need to manually keep the books on shelves or repositories. It is cost-efficient and less energy-consuming since you do not have to spend time searching for a particular book. You just need to Google it by inserting the desired information, and you will get the results within seconds that are relevant to your topic. Keep reading the article to learn more about the eBook library and why both traditional, as well as digital publishers, should start using it.   Why traditional publishers should opt for digital libraries? There are a lot of advantages that traditional publishers can gain if they move to digital libraries. Below are a few reasons that can help you understand why publishers should now move to digital libraries and how it can help them in reaping maximum eBook benefits.   When it comes to accessibility, digital libraries are more accessible to users as compared to their physical counterparts. It enables users to search the desired eBooks, download it, and use it without any trouble or hassle. It is mainly favorable for those who live in a remote location, where it is difficult to get books or where shipping charges are too high. The eBooks are always available in the libraries, thereby allowing 24/7 access to the users while making it easier to search, select, read, or buy them at any time they want. Besides, they can access it anywhere regardless of their location and buy any book without waiting for its delivery.   Digital books or eBooks are far more engaging than traditional books. It can include a wide range of features such as pictures, animation, sound effects, etc. that can provide an immersive reading experience to the users. Furthermore, it also enables the reader to make modifications or changes in the document like tweaking the font size or type, adjusting the brightness levels, highlighting texts, drawing, adding annotations, citing sources, and more for providing an optimal reading experience.       With the growing number of environmental crises, it is everyone’s responsibility to save and sustain it as far as possible. The use of digital books is very helpful in this case since it will require only less usage of paper, thereby minimizing the cutting down of trees. Apart from that, it will also reduce the use of other resources that are utilized for producing a printed book. In the coming days, there is a huge possibility that people will choose eBooks instead of the physical ones in an attempt to do their part of saving the environment, especially if the condition of the crisis does not deteriorates.     The cost involved in traditional publishing is relatively higher as compared to that of eBook publishing. In the traditional method, there might be other expenses apart from publishing such as printing, binding, distribution, shipping, and labor costs that will sharply increase the total price of the books. However, with digital books, you do not have to deal with all those expenses. In addition to that, the cost of maintaining an eBook library is also less than the traditional one. To assist you in this matter, many companies offering digital conversion services are also available that are worth giving a try.   Digital libraries are truly a convenient option since the user does not have to go physically anywhere for finding a reference material or a book. Without spending even a bit of energy, readers can get access to any type of information within a matter of seconds. Besides, it can be easily downloaded on their choice of device and will have similar features like that of a printed book. Elements such as images, graphics, page numbers, table of contents, etc. can also be included there so as to make the reading experience fun and engaging for the users. It won’t require any physical place for storage and can store up to tons of eBooks in a particular eReading device or computer.   Physical books need a lot of maintenance since the quality of papers tends to degrade over time. The classics that are maintained to date are usually preserved using techniques that can help it to survive the aging process, climate-controlled conditions, and factors such as mold, moisture, etc. However, eBooks are more durable, can be stored in the digital libraries, and can last for a long time as long as you wish to keep it.   Carrying one or two books is easy, but it is not possible if the quantity is more than that. However, in the case of eBooks, there is no such problem as you can carry the whole library with you by simply carrying your eReader.  It is even better if your eBooks are synced to the cloud service. In that case, you can access it from anywhere and any device of your choice.   A lot of interactive features can be added to eBooks for enhancing its look and appeal. Besides, it can also enable users to improve their overall reading experience. For example, by adding the bookmark feature to the eBooks, users can mark their place while reading a particular book and easily access it later. Also, the searchability feature can enable readers to search for any information within the eBook. Apart from that, it also offers several other features such as video and audio clips that can be embedded within the text. eBooks also provide greater benefits than printed copies when it comes to the ease of upgrading. By having a digital library by your side, you can easily keep it updated with the latest information by just having an internet connection. However, with printed books, it is not possible. If there is an updated version of a particular book, then you have to buy it again, even if you already have its older version.     Since you are aware of the reasons now, you can very well decide which one will be the best option for you. It does not matter whether you are a reader or a publisher, you can gain maximum advantages with the use of eBook libraries, such as ease of information retrieval, enhancing reading experience, and content preservation. Besides, it is much versatile than printed versions and can help educational institutions as well as enterprises to access a variety of documents, like journals, articles, periodicals, manuscripts, maps, photographs, and more in the digital format. Furthermore, it is better if you get adjusted to it since it is highly demanded in this digital era. With its help, you make the information more diverse and increase its quality. So, get started with converting your eBooks, and if you need any help with that, then you can always opt for the companies offering eBook conversion services. You only need to choose the one that performs the best in the industry, and you are good to go. Make the best use of it and offer valuable content to your users. 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